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As the sole licensee and distributor in Indonesia, PT Sinde Budi Sentosa is proud to present the famous product from Thailand i.e. Siang Pure Oil. This product is 100% derived from natural herbal ingredients which have been proven to be effective in relieving many bodily discomforts, aches and pains.


  • Menthol   38.6g
  • Camphor   6.9g
  • Peppermint Oil   39.6ml
  • Cinnamon Oil    0.5ml
  • Clove Oil  0.5ml


Direction of Usage
Sniff to relieve blocked nose and dizziness. Apply gently on affected area for bloated stomach; muscular discomfort such as aches, pains and sprains; and insect bites.


  • Bottle 25ml           
  • Carton (25ml) content :  12 dozen
  • Bottle 7ml           
  • Carton (7ml) content   :  30 dozen
  • Bottle 3ml           
  • Carton (3ml) content   :  24 dozen


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